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Aquazillameg: The Oversized Monster From The Sea story- Thoughts after seeing The Meg, Aquaman and Godzilla: King of the Monsters

leading from
(still being developed) 


a) Submarine rescue and attack?

a.i)  Submarine rescue

In The Meg, a minisub lands on the back of a submarine to rescue the people inside, and soon it's being discovered that the submarine is being attacked by a huge brutal monstrous life form. 
Perhaps the assumption is that there's a giant sea creature outside attempting to crush the submarine,

As it leaves, there is an explosion in the vast submarine.  

a.ii) Submarine attack 

In Aquaman a pirate's minisub lands on the back of a large submarine, but it looks as if the minisub is a parasite fastened onto a large fish by suckers


a.ii) Hijacked submarine being used for an attack
In Aquaman , the submarine remains functional and attempts to fire a torpedo at the ancient Atlantean ruins, that appears to be an important meeting place of the various Atlantean nobility and people of power.

a.iii) Act of failure
In The Meg, members of a submarine crew have been left behind in The Meg and the rescuer is to be blamed for many years to come.

a.iv) Thirst for revenge
In Aquaman, a pirate whose father is left to die in the submarine by Aquaman wants revenge leading him to become the supervillain The Mantis.

The Mothra larva inside the pyramid gets out of hand

b) Kramer vs Kramer becomes Gamera vs Gamera

b.i ) Family confusions
A family have split up over their concerns for giant monsters and one of their needs to destroy civilisation so that it can start again without destroying the planet. 
The parents furiously blame each regarding the way they have raised their daughter and the use of a special all powerful bio-acoustics generator machine that can communicate with the giant monsters. 
It's only their confusion that allows them to think that it's real or if you have a problem with someone, they're too busy with dealing with their personal giant monster in their basement.
The machine appears to be only something that's an expression of the unconscious, like a physicalised metaphor and hardly likely to be real. 
By the end of the film, in the hands of the young girl Madison Russell played by Millie Bobby Brown, it might as well be some sort of weird Navi computer from the anime series Serial Experiments Lain for accessing the Wired which was an ever developing, evolving virtual world similar to the real world's current internet at the time.

bio-acoustics generator

Madison steals the bio-acoustics generator

Madison steals the bio-acoustics generator a Fenway Park

b.ii.a) The Man who photographs himself being torn apart by hyenas revealed to be wolves 
In the introduction to Kyle Chandler as Dr Mark Russell who father character in Godzilla: king of the monsters, who was out in the wilderness photographing what I thought were hyenas feeding on an animal carcass but on closer examination turned out to be wolves. 
I had decided that the animal were ripping his own lower body apart to the point where it was scraps of bones on flesh, and he, screaming with insane laughter, wants to be ripped apart by these animals, and he just didn't realise that the animal carcass was his own body.

Perhaps they they have chewed his male member and left foot, while beginning to rip away much of his lower skin and muscle, but before they can do anything that is too severe or realistic, because it must all have been in the mind. 

b.ii.b) Osprey landing
Anyway, a frightening giant monstrous Osprey helicopter lands frightening the wolves away and perhaps doing irrepairable damage to the local environment to pick the man up and take him away.


b.ii.c) Scene evolved from Devlin and Emmerich's Godzilla?
This scene with the osprey landing as the man photographs the wolves echoes the scene in Godzilla where the film's lead character Mr Tatopoulos, separated from his former girlfriend, is electrocuting the ground to collect samples of worms in Chernobyl for scientific study, and then the Russian helicopter lands to take him away. Perhaps I wanted to imagine the worms coming out of his own body as an exciting form of mutation.


b.iii) False memories and fake evidence of a now dead son 

The parents have lost a son and the mother wants to do something about the world in his memory, but really she had no idea what she thought she was doing anyway. 
If this dead son of hers was simply a false memory and there was false evidence to back it up. I would be amongst the first the push the idea!



b.iv) Jonah vs Jonas
The mother has hitched up with a eco terrorist who thinks that he can learn from these giant life forms, be the master and bring down civilisation. His name to Jonah to add to the confusion (just to confuse those who are thinking about the character Jonas Taylor from The Meg) however I recall the actor Charles Dance playing the prison planet doctor name Clemens in Alien 3, and although he isn't Lance Henriksen,  because of the way he turns up and soon ends up in a very cold installation in the antarctic reminds me of Bishop II from Alien 3 
Perhaps he has been creating mechanical replicas of himself but soon realised that he himself was not the person that he thought he was and that scenario disintegrated, but as Bishop II played by Charles Dance Henriksen, 
He comes to rescue Ripley and Newt as if they were still alive but transformed into members of the Russell family looking nothing like Sigourney Weaver or Carrie Henn.

c) Undersea whatever

c.i.1) Cityscape in Godzilla: King of the Monsters inspired by Atlantis
Deep in the ocean in Godzilla, they discover the home of Godzilla where he comes to sleep and heal his wounds. His pyramid like cradle is surrounded by the remains of a complicated ancient cityscape. The design of the place was inspired by an illustration of Atlantis. 

  1. Michael Dougherty: The mountain where Godzilla's lair is located in is inspired by Mount Sinai, while the sea that surrounds it was inspired by supposed ancient designs of Atlantis. I'm not saying it is Atlantis, it's Atlantis-esque. (Godzilla: King of the monsters director's commentary (01:35:36))
c.i.2) Destruction of an ancient city
The explorers marvel at the sight of the ancient city and all they can learn from aeons of stories it could tell but realised that it has to be destroyed with a nuclear bomb making the monster who lives their powered up but homeless.
They obviously magically scanned the whole city in 3D while they were there so that they could print the whole place out again with a 3D printer elsewhere, which has been seen as a solution for Palmyra ruins destroyed by a group known as ISIS

c.i.3) Amalgam of cultures in the manner of the Alien vs Predator movie pyramid
While the cityscape was supposed to represent a place that predated many cultures. There was the strange pyramid from the film Alien vs Predator that was built by a root culture before they split up into different known cultures, it appeared to be an amalgam of those different cultures that had developed later on. This city perhaps seemed to have been developed in much the same way rather than by attempting to show something that was new and barely imaginable in today's society. However it was very interesting when seen in shadow. 
  1. We built a library of twenty ruined buildings to pull from. The city predates many cultures so had deliberate design influences from multiple sources , Mesopotamian, Eastern Asian and Central American. We built the city to suggest it was hewn from natural rock and so we studied real examples of real architecture around the world, from Petra's treasures to the Lyceum tombs in Turkey and rock cut cave temples in India such as Ilora and Baja. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QNqyOn4I34)

The mysterious city beneath the sea from "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters"
based upon an illustration of Atlantis, shortly before it's destroyed by a nuclear bomb

c.ii)  Old Atlantean Ruins from Aquaman
Meanwhile in Aquaman, we have the story of Atlantis' destruction and rebuilding, while there are these ruins of the old Atlantis still to be found and wrecked in the story, soon to be attacked by a rogue submarine firing missiles at it
The old Atlantean ruins


c.iii) Untouched undersea world with megaladon sharks in The Meg
In The Meg, we have the discovery of a mysterious ancient sea world that is little disturbed by man. 
As mentioned in the film the idea was that since 1875, they all believed that the Mariana trench was the deepest place on Earth. 
So there was a theory that what they think is the bottom is actually a layer of hydrogen sulfide with warm water beneath a cloud in freezing cold thermal climb.
They wanted to find warm water down there with a completely new under water world
In the film, there the Megalodon sharks have existed for countless aeons and so in the course of the movie have been let out by mankinds doings, to trouble mankind.

Trench with a layer of gas

Trench with layer removed

d) Big monster seen through an undersea window

d.i) Little girl in The Meg
Through the undersea window in the sea-rig undersea observatory, a little girl looks through the glass window and a vast shark like beast with glowing lights comes to try to bite through the window.


d.i.a) Leaving an impression behind

It leaves an impression of its teeth in the glass. It returns to chomp up a whale that came to the window, as if intimidating the main characters who have to work out what to expect next



d.ii) Little boy in Aquaman
In Aquaman,  the little boy communicates with the sea animals in the oceanarium. As two boys come to intimidate him, a large shark comes along and hits the window cracking it, scaring the two boys off 


d.iii) Intimidation in Godzilla
In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla is seen through the window intimidating the people the undersea viewing room of the rig. I suppose it's here that I have to fuse Godzilla with the Megalodon shark



e) The Killing of the Shark or Submarine?

e.i) Slashing a megladon shark's side in The Meg
In The Meg, Jonas Taylor slashes the side of the megladon shark with a blade from his minisub causing smaller sharks to taste its blood and then tear it apart

e.ii) Slashing the side of a Submarine in Aquaman

In Aquaman , the Atlantean king runs a blade through the side of the submarine that had come to fire torpedoes at the meeting in the Atlantean ruin

e.iii) Is there the possibility of fusing the idea of the shark and the submarine together with a heroic man, unsure whether this is supposed to be an act of war or not, travelling in his vehicle that might be a living minisub, runs a blade or piece of hard sharp metal through the side of the giant submarine shark, the creature's interior mechanisms and fluids or blood pour out. 
A further nonsensical thought would feature smaller shark submarines come in and tear the beast apart.

f) Self sacrifice of an Oriental man

f.i) Death of Toshi in "The Meg"
An oriental man with note book sacifices himself to save the day and with his death there's an explosion. In The Meg it's Masi Oka as the character Toshi killing off a sea creature

f.ii) Death of Dr Serizawa in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters"
In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it's Ken Watanabe at Dr Serizawa ready to set of a nuclear bomb to give Godzilla the energy he needs to heal. 
After he sets up the weapon, he takes off his helmet and touches the great beast as if it was a friend. 
Then the bomb explodes consuming everything around destroying the ruins of the ancienty city in a flash.
We might also take note of the fact that in the 1954 version of Godzilla, Dr Serizawa is the one who took the oxygen destroyer to the bottom of the ocean to kill Godzilla.

  1. Michael Dougherty: It's like he's now heading to the afterlife. Welcome to Valhalla! Honestly, if you keep a close eye, you can see remnants of ships scattered around, like, sort of like Godzilla snacks, You can have. He's he's been chomping down on ships over the centuries, erm, yuh I really wanted this to be a holy experience, like it's not frightening, actually very comforting, it feels like a completion of Serizawa's journey, ah, but it also mirrors the journey of Serizawa in the original '54 film so where as that Serizawa was taking the oxygen destroyer to the bottom of the ocean to kill Godzilla, this incarnation of Serizawa is using a weapon of mass destruction in order to save Godzilla. (Godzilla: King of the monsters director's commentary (01:32:04))




g) The Giant Flying beast?

g.i) Vast flying wing

The vast control deck in the rig appears to be being moved into a vast flying wing aircraft, and in its place is another control deck with skeleton crew. 

g.ii) Vast flying monster
As the craft separates from the rig, with all the important staff aboard, soon it is being chased by a vast pterodactyl like creature named Rodan, but since I am European and it sounds too much like the name of the sculpt Auguste Rodin, in my ignorance I will call it Rodin.

g.iii) Possibilities of the beast and the vehicle fusing into one? 

Before long one might start to imagine that the flying wing is somehow the Rodin beast itself to the point where it didn't matter if it wasn't.

Does the flying wing have a monster head now, does it flap its wings and do they have windows along the side?

Perhaps it needs a hundred little doors beneath it all for a seperate Osprey to leave the vessel.

g.iv) What if the control room of the flying wing was always in the rig. 

If it turns out that the crew of the rig had never left the actual rig all this time, despite wandering around the vast flying wing, no one would be aware after a while anyway and it would suit the budget.
Rodan and the flying wing

h) What about the King Ghidorah?

A vast monster that was too fearsome for people to talk about seeping into collective imagery that might appear to have nothing to do with the creature. They can flip through endless non related images and make claims that it's all about King Ghidorah.

It is supposed to be obvious to the rest of the world that William Blake knew about Ghidorah or felt it through an illustration "The Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun" and somewhere in the tomorrow there will be experts to prove it to me with all the illustrations shown on the screen displays.

What we saw of this monster probably didn't really exist either. 

The only monsters that exist in this world are submarines, flying wings and Osprey helicopters, along with sharks in the water and the monstrous actions of human beings and terrible weather
The three headed monster King Gidorah


 "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun" by William Blake

i) The resurrection of Millie Bobby Brown?

I suppose that whatever led the daughter to the house amidst the destruction taking place, might lead me to imagine she was sleep walking in this cubistic nightmare all along.  

How long has it been since the child took her last breath before they revived her, when they drove to the remains of the house and found her body entombed in a bath tub beneath a vast chunk of wall, but somehow magically revive her from what seemed like death. 
Why wasn't she breathing and for how long?


The engraved Passion series: Resurrection (No. 15) ( 1512) by Albrecht Dürer